Justin T Baker


Justin Baker grew up in Greenwich, NY. He attended Sage Jr. College of Albany for two years and studied photography. The next two years were spent playing music and writing songs with his friends. Purchase College came next, where his artistic strides led him to printmaking and, again photography. In 2007 Justin received his MFA with a concentration in combined media at SUNY Albany. Justin teaches digital imaging and web art and design at Hudson Valley Community College, he is also the host and creator of the arts focused podcast, Art Town. He currently lives in Wynantskill, NY with his wife Kyra, daughters Lola and Rona, cats Lulu and Lilly and dog Luna.

To contact Justin Baker: baker.garrigue@gmail.com




Moving Images 2014 to 2016

I don't make a lot of moving image pieces but occasionally the mood hits me. The first piece listed My Fathers Knife was shot with a super 8 camera and is meant to be seen as a projection in person. The second two Dancing In The Moonlight and The Crowd Goes Wild are created out of my on going fixation with sound and music.

My Father's Knife, super 8mm projection, 2014

Dancing In The Moonlight, digital video, 2015

The Crowd Goes Wild, digital video, 2016